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Our Mission

Our mission is a quite simple, yet we believe it has a profound impact on the teaching community and the communities we serve. The Educators Link enables you to easily connect with a community of like-minded educators interested in sharing best practices, valuable resources, war stories, and the human connection.



Be Inspired


This community is for you and inspired by you! By joining The Educators Link, you will be connected  to a community of like-minded educators throughout the globe. All we ask of you, is that you respectfully engage with one another and share your passions for teaching and learning.  Whether you’ve just begun your journey as an educator, have been at it for a long time or are somewhere in between, we've created a community unlike no other.


Teach With Purpose


Let’s face it, we are all educators because we have a sense of purpose. We get excited when we see our children succeed, not our biological kids but “our children”---  the ones we mentor and support day in and day out both inside and outside of the classroom, the ones that we provide both educational and emotional support.  We aren’t educators because of the free time that we have during the school year and summer.  What free time, right?  We have a passion and know the dedication it takes to being the best we can be for our students.


Continue Learning

If you haven’t already assigned yourself the title, here it goes, you are The Committed Teacher.  After all, great educators never stop learning.  Together everyone can achieve more! 


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